FreeTimeBox is a application for time displaying and time synchronization. As a evolution of FreeTimeSync, FreeTimeBox has all the functions of FreeTimeSync and fixes the bugs of it. It also can display time as the 3rd FP2 system.

FreeTimeBox needs to sign before installion. You can sign it with your dev cert. If you don’t know about cert and sign, please visit and follow the instructions to get FreeTimeBox Open signed.


Made the “Sync on boot” function separate from the “Start on boot” switch. Which means if you set the “Start on boot” to disabled and “Sync on boot” to enabled, it will sync it on boot then exit.
Add the “Scheduled Sync” function. You can now sync the time per day, week or month automatically at a custom time. If weekly, it will be Monday and if monthly, it will be the first day of the month.
Add the “Sync Method” function(NTP, WAP)
Fix the bugs of the previous version