Jomtris is a “tetris” style of casual game. You handle and remove dropping 4-tile pieces as long as possible and that’s it. One game session should take max 5-10 minutes.

The playing field is vertical 10×20 square field, there are different 4-tile pieces dropping down from top and you have to fit them nicely at the bottom. All full rows are removed, to give you some more space to arrange tiles.


New: Both Landscape and Portrait support
New: Screen rotation support: portrait <-> landscape
New: Pause game: press number zero
New: All seven diff pieces drop in random groups of 7
New: Settings game start level: faster w/more points
New: Winter 2008 edition with snowy background graphics
New: New application icon: reboot your phone after install
New: Game name visible on-screen 🙂
Fix: Time delay after hard-drop to make play easier
Fix: Remove row(s) with minor animation
Fix: Focus handling fixed
Fix: Top rows handling fixed at Game-Over
Fix: Pause game while looking at Highscore, Settings or About
Fix: Faster tile drawing
Tested with PyS60 1.4.4 and 1.4.5
Tested with E61i (S60 3.0 landscape screen), N96 (S60 3.2 portrait screen) and N82 (S60 3.1 screen rotation)