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Soup Raiders: Jailbreak (GB Game)

Soup Raiders: Jailbreak is a standalone Game Boy homebrew rom, set in the Soup Raiders universe. You control Black Whiskers, who was captured with his friend, White Fur, and who was locked up in the deepest Mr. Whale’s cell. Escape by finding the keys, while White Fur is patiently standing still. Come on, she won’t wait all day!

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Biotic Limit (10-10-2016) (GB Game)

Biotic Limit by Refresh Games is a shoot-em-up for the Gameboy made during Gameboy Jam 5. Battle your way through multiple types of viruses intent on taking over with both antibodies and super charged antibiotic shots. But be careful, overuse of the antibiotics builds up resistance to your attacks so use them wisely!

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Snakebird (06-10-2016) (GB Game)

Snakebird by fb1 is a Game Boy recreation / fangame of the amazing puzzle game Snakebird, containing 10 all new levels. Your goal in each stage is to eat all the fruit to unlock the goal, then escape through the goal with all Snakebirds. Eating a fruit will increase a Snakebird’s length by one. Falling on spikes or off the screen will kill your Snakebird and you have to restart. Some levels can have movable objects, which can help you on your way.

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Desert Bus (GB Game)

ekimekim is very proud (or possibly not) to present the top notch elite driving game Desert Bus for Nintendo’s Game Boy! In this game, you drive a bus from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada in real time.

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Run!! v1.0.0 (GB Game)

monetai‘s Gameboy game Run!! made it into Ludum Dare 36. Try to stay alive as long as possible by avoiding obstacles.

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Retroid (10-09-2016) (GB Game)

Jonas Fischbach recently came up with Retroid, a non-commercial game for the Nintendo Game Boy! Retroid is a Game Boy game based on the classic arcade game that was originally published as “Breakout” by Atari and later brought to perfection as “Arkanoid” by the Japanese software firm Taito. The player controls a paddle at the bottom of the screen that reflects a ball to destroy bricks at the top of the screen. That simple but addictive game principle has probably been copied more often than “Space Invaders”, “Pac-Man” or “Tetris”. This game has truly commercial quality, compared with Game Boy games back then.

Retroid (Game Boy, Cover Art)

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Carazu (30-08-2016) (GB Game)

Play as Carazu the mouse and explore a fantasy world with spikes and creatures that are trying to kill you. Collect power ups as you progress to give Carazu new abilities! Coded by Martin Holtkamp for Game Boy Classic!

Carazu (Game Boy)

Thanks to Martin Holtkamp himself for the notification! The source code can be found here.

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Pretty Princess Castle Escape v0.6.0 (GB Game)

Pretty Princess Castle Escape by sergeeo and Zalo has been updated. It’s supposed to be the final version. Thanks to sergeeo for the news udpate.

The Princess has to escape from the Royal Castle and needs to avoid spikes, placed almost everywhere! Help her get her crown back!

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Pretty Princess Castle Escape v0.5.0 (GB Game)

Pretty Princess Castle Escape is a new Game Boy game by sergeeo.

The Princess has to escape from the Royal Castle and needs to avoid spikes, placed almost everywhere! Help her get her crown back!

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I Shall Be Queen (GBC Game)

I Shall Be Queen by Refresh Games is a Double Dragon-style beat-em-up for #bitbitjam3 For the Game Boy and Game Boy Color!

Release notes:

There are a couple of bugs with the game and it gets bloody tough to beat. Also I had to cut out the boss fight due to ROM and time limitations. There’s a few easter eggs dotted around, have fun!

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