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Dino’s Offline Adventure (Game Boy Game)

Dino’s Offline Adventure is an open source Game Boy game by gaming monsters. The game is a rewrite of the modern classic built into Chrome, the web browser. Play a Dinosaur, but don’t let him run into a cactus. Jump early enough to avoid a painful experience.

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Buggy Troll Minigolf v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Buggy Troll Minigolf is a Minigolf game by danim. Use DPAD up/down to move the crosshair. Press A button to prepare the shoot. Press A again to shoot with the power indicated by the power bar. Try to put the ball in the hole.

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Basket Case Boy v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Basket Case Boy is a simple Game Boy game by David Erosa. Get the ball into the basket!

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Deck Bouncer v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Deck Bouncer is a Game Boy game by Fronze where you need to get to the end using only the cards you have available.

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Shield Bouncer v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Shield Bouncer is a Game Boy game by Zalo. Goal is to use a shield and hit the ball with it, so the ball bounces to the goal.

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Boun-Ma-Ze v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Boun-Ma-Ze is a fresh Game Boy game by deebrol. Reach the end of the labyrinth and don’t stop bouncing or you can’t move anymore. Avoid enemies by jumping higher and higher. Remember: bounce, bounce, bounce!

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Axebound v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Axebound is an unfinished Game Boy game by Maikel Ortega about throwing axes. The game is powered by ZGB and GBDK.

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Upwell v2018.07.29 (Game Boy Game)

Upwell is a Game Boy game by Tatos, inspired by Moppin’s Downwell. D-pad: movement, Button A: Jump/Shoot!

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Dungeon Ball v2018.07.30 (Game Boy Game)

Dungeon Ball is a brand new Game Boy game made by sergeoo. Push the ball right or left to take it to the goal in every level. This game is still in development.

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Into The Blue v2018.06.24 (Game Boy Game)

Jonas Fischbach of Retroid fame released another Game Boy Color homebrew pearl named Into the Blue. You have a vertical play field with panels raising from the bottom. The panels can be rearranged and will disappear if three (or more) matching panels are lined up in a horizontal or vertical row. The game is over if a panel touches the upper border of the play field.

This game is inspired by a Sega Genesis title named Megapanel, which is is widely forgotten today – probably because it was only released in Japan.

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