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Firegirl VS The Zombie Dudes (13-07-2005) (IntelliVision Game)

John Doherty created a game for the Intellivision game system called Firegirl verses the Zombie Dudes. This a horror game where a girl named Firegirl has to stop zombies from overtaking her family grave plot. The release is a bit older but as there are hardly Intellivision news we had to post about it.

Thanks to Eugene Esterly III for the news.

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Stack Em (IntelliVision game)

This game is a 4K ‘Columns’ clone for the Intellivision. Arrange the falling jewels to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal group of three of the same color and they will disappear. The more jewels you make disappear at the same time, the more points you get.

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