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PDRoms Coding Competition v4.01 (IntelliVison misc)

It’s reality again, here comes PDROMS CODING COMPETITION v4.01 – Retro Coding Fun for Console and Handhelds!

Coding on “closed” handhelds or consoles must not be a privilege; dozens of free development kits proof the opposite. The steadily growing “homebrew scene” produces unlicensed software for devices not meant to be open for everyone.

PDRoms has always been in the homebrew scene to support the creation of new homebrew software, support programmers and artists. To show our love to the homebrew scene once again, here comes the ninth PDRoms Coding Competition.

Here is the brief data:

Topic: Create a logic/puzzle game
Competition running time: Thursday, 02 April 2009 to Sunday, 31st May 2009
Deadline: Sunday, 31th May 2009 @ 23:59, in YOUR timezone!
Systems allowed: Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Game Gear, IntelliVision, Master System, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Nintendo Entertainment System, Odyssey2, Wonderswan, Wonderswan Color, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Genesis/Megadrive, Gameboy Advance, Nintendo 64, PC Engine, Sega 32x, Sega CD and Vectrex.
Prizes to win: A WIZ console, 2 PSP Games, 1 Genesis Game, 5 R4 Cards, 10 Acekards and 150 US$ in cash

Prizes are sponsored by: http://shop.gp2x.dehttp://www.flashlinker-shop.comhttp://www.superfighter.comhttp://www.gamekool.com – ph0x

Spread the word! – May the Schwartz be with you πŸ˜‰

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PDRoms Coding Competition v4.01 – Pre-Announcement (IntelliVision misc)

From 1st April 2009 to 31st May 2009 PDRoms will be hosting another coding competition. This time we will only allow 8 BIT systems (as another sister site wants to go for newer mainstream systems and we don’t want to collide).

In particular the following systems are allowed (subject to change): Atari 2600, Coleco Vision, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Game Gear, IntelliVision, Master System, Neo Geo Pocket, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Nintendo Entertainment System, Odyssey2.

The topic is decided, but you have to wait till 1st April 2009 for details.

We are currently seeking for judges and sponsors – please get in touch with us if you can help or want to supply goodies which we can give out as prizes.

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Frontier (Intellivision Techdemo)

John Doherty released a “top down scroll test”. The zip file includes the .rom and .asm files.

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Old Skool High (08-11-2008) (IntelliVision Game)

Collect all the coins in the maze and find the term paper to collect points and advance to the next level.

Collect chalk board brushes to keep your supply up. Collect keys to access coloured doors. Use secret doors to appear elsewhere in the maze. Use green elevator door to advance to next level after you collect the term paper and all coins. Use green side doors to enter other areas of maze. Hit wall switches to open hidden doors.

Thanks to Joe Zbiciak ( ) for the news hint.

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Kid Robin Hood (16-02-2007) (IntelliVision Game)

A game for IntelliVision by John Doherty. This release is over a year old, but IntelliVision releases are rare, so it’s newsworthy.


Run around collecting keys and gold coins. Finish a level by capturing the jewel and returning to the elevator.

Watch out for the castle henchmen.

You can shoot them (action button) to slow them down, but they will revive. (Currently this option does not work. You can shoot, but the shot does not affect the mobs.)

Level one and three are included in this demo. There will be nine levels in total. Currently I have five levels completed.

Known bugs:
-Screen interrupt handler sometimes causes the mobs to move off the maze.
-Collisions are wonky.

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Space Patrol Pre-Order (IntelliVision Game)

Joe Zbiciak has finished the work on his latest IntelliVision game “Space Patrol” and is now acception pre-orders for the real cartridge version. The free binary of the full edition will follow sometime in the future, for now a teaser ROM is still available.

Thanks to Joe himself for the news!

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Intellivision(TM) Programming Contest 2007 (Intellivision misc)

Here comes a small spoiler to remind you of the ongoing Intellivision(TM) Programming Contest organized by Joe Zbiciak. Please spread the word!

Deadline is 1st Novemeber 2007! Follow the link for details!

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Space Patrol – Teaser Edition (IntelliVision Game)

Space Patrol: Teaser Edition offers a glimpse at the upcoming release of Joe Zbiciak’s second complete game, Space Patrol.

This edition is fully playable, and offers a generous sampling of the complete game. The teaser edition, however, contains only a portion (Checkpoints A through J) of the 8 wonderful courses that David Harley designed. This release still offers a wide range of skill levels, and Arnauld Chevallier’s excellent score.

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Intellivision Programming Contest 2007 (IntelliVision misc)

Joe Zbiciak is holding an IntelliVision Coding Competition. Deadline is 1st November 2007.


* The game must be no larger than 16K 16-bit words. Games are not constrained to 10-bit wide ROM. They can use the full 16-bit width.
* The game must fit the $5000-$6FFF, $D000-$DFFF, $F000-$FFFF standard 16K-word memory map.
* The game must not require additional RAM beyond what is available in the Intellivision.
* The game must play as intended on an unexpanded Intellivision, Intellivision II, and Sears Super Video Arcade with minimal glitches. Note that the game may make use of the ECS and/or Intellivoice to enhance game play as long as these peripherals are not required for proper play. For example, Space Patrol has enhanced sound and music when the ECS is present.
* The game should play flawlessly in jzIntv. If you have issues getting your game to play correctly, hop on INTVPROG and ask questions! We’re friendly. We don’t bite. πŸ™‚
* The game may make use of any previously existing code out there that the author has license to use. For instance, the example code included with SDK-1600 is available to all under the GNU GPL. No sense re-inventing the wheel for no good reason.
* All entries must be received by November 1st, 2007. Judging will take place during the month of November, with results posted by December 1st.
* All entries must be sent to Joe Zbiciak at this address: intvnut at gmail dot com.
* Entrants grant Joe Zbiciak permission to make binary versions of all entries available for download on the web.
* Entrants grant Joe Zbiciak permission to produce a small number of physical copies (cartridges) of the game for the purpose of issuing the contest prizes, as defined in the Prizes section.
* Joe Zbiciak reserves the right to adjust these rules as necessary, and/or cancel or extend the contest based on number of entries received.

First prize is $100. Second prize is $50. First and second prize winners also will receive a physical copy of the top two games on a multicart. If I do announce runners up, they too will receive cartridges and all announced winning and runner-up titles will be on the multicart.

Oliver Puschatzki has donated three of his NTSC composite mods as prizes for this contest! These will be awarded to the top entries in addition to the cash prizes and cartridges.

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Zombie Marbles v0.4 (IntelliVision Game)

Another puzzle game by John Doherty. Thanks to Eugene once more for the news.

The release is rather old, but as it never had it’s attention we post about it now. Better late than never πŸ™‚

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