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Libreway (22-06-2014) (Master System Game)

Libreway is a Master System game by nitrofurano.

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Coconut Cake Caper (28-07-2013) (Master System Game)

Coconut Cake Caper by dragonfeet is a nice simple arcade game for Sega Master System. Already out for a while, but not yet covered by us.

Coconut Cake Caper (Ingame)

Coconut Cake Caper for Sega Master System

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Bread and Butter v1.032 (Master System Game)

Bread and Butter is a nice platform game by dragonfeet for the Sega Master System. You run, jump, climb and float on balloons to avoid wild animals and collect the super-sized ingredients to bake the Bread of Legend.

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Radical Rat (Demo) (Master System misc)

Radical Rat by TmEE is an yet unfinished platform game for Sega Master System. Gameplay part is not worked out yet nor the cut scenes. There is only forward scrolling with realtime stage data decompression, and basic multipart sprite you can move around a bit.

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DataStorm (SMSPCC 2012) (Master System Game)

DataStorm by haroldoop. An advanced/better version is planed, as soon as the author gets time on his hands.

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Tower of Sokoban (SMSPCC 2012) (Master System Game)

Tower of Sokaban by Killer Bean 2 and BG is a small demo of what will hopefully, one day, become a somewhat playable game. The gameplay is, as you could guess from the name, about moving blocks around.

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Derpy’s Mail (SMSPCC 2012) (Game)

You’re Derpy Hooves, mail mare. Spike’s ill, so Twilight Sparkle has asked you to fly her letters to Princess Celestia. But Gilda is harassing you! Fly around and press button two to drop an anvil on her. It’ll make her much more angry, which is probably not all that good of a plan, to be honest. Avoid getting hit by Gilda – she’ll steal one of Twilight Sparkle’s letters. If you lose all three, you have to return to Ponyville.

This is a very basic game with no real ending – it just gets harder and harder until you lose all you lives or it loops around and goes back to the starting difficulty.

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Lost Raider (SMSPCC 2012) (Master System Game)

Lost Raider by vingazole and ichigobankai is an unfinished platform game entered into the SMS Power Coding Competition 2012. Your only goal is to survive and to make a big score!

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DARC (SMSPCC 2012) (Master System Game)

DARC is a Jetpack shooter game by Richard Cornelisse and John Hassink. It has influences and is inspired by several games such as Air fortress), H.E.R.O. and Hero Core. The protagonist can fly and shoot in separate directions. Each of the game-pad keys represent a shooting direction. Your goal is to infiltrate the alien fortress. Destroy the cores to disable force fields and advance through the game. During the game your shooting level will increase. As your level increases you will be able to destroy the blue and red crates found in the levels. During your exploration you can use the [PAUSE] button to show your current location in a map. Only the explored areas are visible.

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New Dual (WIP2) (Master System Game)

“New Duel” by losinggeneration is a not yet complete platfomer for the the SMS Power 2011 Coding Competition.

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