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Lilou FTP v0.8 (NDS Application)

FTP server will allow you to share your NDS files with the FTP client. The FTP client shall be a NDS or a computer. All you need is the computer’s name and a user name and password for allowed user. After entering this information into the server, client will be able to transfer files to and from your NDS from

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PuzzleManiak v1.8 (NDS Game)

Shortly after the v1.7 release, here comes version 1.8 of PuzzleManiak. PuzzleManiak is a collection of few minigames in one ROM. This version brings proper WiFi functionality back. You’ve to remove all old files starting by “PuzzleManiak” from your linker before launching version

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Just Another PSP Tetris (PSP Game)

Tetris… no more to say 🙂 Thanks to for the news

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Abillities v1.0 (PSP Game)

Abillities v1.0 by Gunner54 is a “Fast Reaction Game”. Thanks to for the news

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MarcaDS v4.0 (Arcade emu for NDS)

Alekmaul has updated MarcDS, an arcade machine emulator for the Nintendo DS. More details available in french language, by following the link

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Interview with Notaz (GP2x misc)

Hooka has conducted an interview with Notaz, known for emulation related GP2x topics

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Xandus Media Player 2 v1.2b (PSP Application)

Xandus Media Playe is a media player application for the PSP. Changes: -Font finally polished, XMP looks better now. -The “weird” noises before playing reduced. -The back bug that happened when you go back to the library. -Play/Pause icons now look better. -Scroll bar doesn’t overlap the battery. -Folder bug now fixed, all folders work. -Analog in other menus now

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PSX4GP2X (Beta 5) (PSX emu for GP2x)

ZodTTD has continued his work on PSX4GP2x and presents us Beta 5. From the readme: psx4all’s psx4gp2x A PSX EMULATOR FOR THE GP2X! Version: PUBLIC BETA 5 – BUILD 071307 For more information visit For discussion of psx4all visit the forums at Installation: – You should have an unzipped psx4gp2x directory where this readme.txt is located. 1. Copy

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A part of the page is back. It’s the news service. Have fun! Basically this is the display of the RSS-Feed available on is currently in Alpha-Testing stage and will offer many new features compared to the old page. ist NOT available for the public yet, it’s not a bug and we know about it 😉 Just

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Dementia v0.1 (PSP Game)

Your cursor is a simple white box that can move to any position in the grid; with the general rule of the game bing, the bigger the grid, the harder the level is. When you highlight a box and click it, its colour inverses, along with everything around it; meaning all yellows turn red and all reds turn yellow. Everything

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