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MP3 ME Player v1.03 (PSP Application)

caliarbor updated his MP3 audio player application. The download is a bit hidden, you need to read the first posting careful. Release notes: Slight change increases heap size, doesn’t check for cover art being greater than 170×170, and instead of only showing info of playing track shows info of highlighted track in browser

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Mario Kart 64 v1 (PSP Lua Game)

SeanPaul223 comes up with a Mario & Luigi themed racing game called Mario Kart 64. Features: # 3 Tracks for a “Best time Challenge” # 2 Characters (Mario and Luigi) # Officials Musics And Sounds # HighScores Manager System

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Vong (29-06-2008) (A2600 Game)

Vong stands for “Vertical Pong” and is a Pong game for Atari 2600. Release notes: In this new version, the background colors change every 2 seconds until you press reset to start a game. You can see that before you start a game, there is a blank space where the cpu score goes and a 1 where your score goes, [&hellip

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