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Saigon (A2600 Demo)

Trilobit released their latest demo “Saigon” recently at Sillyventure 2k10 demoparty

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iReader v1.12 (NDS Application)

iReader is an application to read various document formats on the Nintendo DS. Changes: -Fixed bugs This application only works with a SuperCard DSTWO Thanks to for the news

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PokeMini Emulator v0.4.3 (PM emu for NDS)

PokeMini Emulator is exactly what it says 🙂 Thanks to and for the news

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Super Smash Bros Crash (Demo 8) (NDS Game)

“Super Smash Bros Crash” is a Super Smash Bros fan game created by miguel28 and has been recently updated! Thanks to for the news

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Maziacs v1.0 (NDS Game)

Maziacs DS is a remake of the identical called game, released in 1983. Wikipedia entry for Maziacs ->

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Kartz – Animalia World (28-12-2010) (Demo) (NDS Game)

Kartz – Animalia World is a 3D Multiplayer racing kart game. The progress is at about 30% of total progress and should reach final status around March to June

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Bubble Fight EX v0.9 (NDS Game)

The gameplay is experimental. You control a “gradius” shield with left-right and A (No up-down since A is for thrusters and gravity takes care of down.). Changes: * Guess what? (Coded for 7 hours! but brain feels like a mush) * Added bosses (4 of them) * Added more music and sfx * Explosions * Finalized gameplay * Bug fix

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Dont Get Crushed v1.1 (NDS Game)

Use the touchscreen to move and try to avoid the balls that bounce across the screen for as long as possible. The longer you survive, the higher your score will become and the faster the balls will move

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MegaStopwatch (29-12-2010) (NDS Application)

MegaStopwatch is a MegaMan themed stop watch application for Nintendo DS!

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Happy New Year 2011 (misc)

The PDRoms-Team wishes everyone a happy and successful happy new year!

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