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Vigoroth Le Livreur v1.3 (DC Game)

“Vigoroth Le Livreur”, a homebrew game known from the Nintendo DS, has been ported to Dreamcast. It’s a collection of minigames where you take over the role of Vigoroth and deliver packages to your customers. Thanks to for the news

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NEO4ALL (RC 4) (NeoGeo Emu for DC)

NEO4ALL is an alternative open source NEOGEO/CD emulator for Dreamcast by Chui & Fox68k. Features: * Close to fullspeed emulation (frameskip0 with sound-fx). * Fast FAME Motorola 68000 core by Fox68k. * Fast FAZE Zilog Z80 core by Fox68k. * Custom PowerVR2 graphic core (fast tile caching). * Autoframeskip for real speed. * Joystick is emulated with analog and digital [&hellip

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UAE Wii v6 (Amiga emu for Wii)

UAE is a famous Amiga emulator ported to the Wii. UAE Wii can be found on googlecode at, and is based on the source code of E-UAE. The port uses SDL Wii. Changes: * Added SMB support * Added USB mass storage support * Many menu improvements (new colors, new popup messages, browsing with nunchuk, wider screen, etc.) * [&hellip

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Firefox v8.b.3.2 (Pandora Browser Port)

The award-winning Firefox Web browser has security, speed and new features that will change the way you use the Web

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FreePascal Installer v1.1.0.0 (Pandora misc)

FreePascal Installer installs FreePascal and libs for SDL and OpenGL ES 2.0. Changes: – symbolic link to “/lib/” added = error fixed “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -ldl” – OpenGL ES 2.0 support added! – SDL and OpenGL ES examples added

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NoteCase Pro v3.5.1.1 (Pandora Application Port)

NoteCase Pro is designed to quickly capture, organize, protect, access, and recycle your information. NoteCase Pro strikes the right balance between ease of use and raw power. Available now as a free download for a wide variety of platforms including desktop, netbook, and mobile devices. Changes: No changelog available

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Retro Hunter #27 (misc)

Sven Vößing presents another “Retro Hunter” Video-Podcast. Unfortunately it’s in German language only. Usually of interest for every Retro-Fan! Quote: Sven Vößing alias Retro Hunter stellt sich heute wieder dem Kampf. Gruselig wird es mit dem SF-Klassiker Alien 3, der beweist, dass LJN nicht nur Mist produziert hat. Verbrechen lohnt sich nicht? Crime does not pay zeigt jedenfalls, dass sich [&hellip

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OpenConsole #4 (misc)

OpenConsole is a .pdf magazine specialized in homebrew and open-source consoles

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CellWriter v1.3.4.1 (Pandora Application Port)

CellWriter is a grid-entry natural handwriting input panel. As you write characters into the cells, your writing is instantly recognized at the character level. Ported to Pandora by mcobit

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Midori v0.4.1.3 (Pandora Application Port)

Midori is a lightweight web browser. Changes: No changes mentioned

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