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Hanoi (Atari Lynx Game)

Hanoi is a brand new Atari Lynx game by rygar and vince. As the name of the game suggests it’s a Hanoi Towers game. The game will be ready in March or April. If you are interested in a physical copy, you can already reach out to rygar via the AtariAge webboards.

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Isegrim (WIP 3) (Atari Lynx Game)

Luchs Soft published a little preview of the Isegrim sound track via YouTube.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Isegrim (WIP 2) (Atari Lynx Game)

It’s not fair when developers keep on teasing the public 🙂 Luchs Soft showed the box design of Isegrim to the public.

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Isegrim (WIP) (Atari Lynx Game)

Der Luchs is working on a fresh Atari Lynx game named Isegrim. Here is a screenshot and make sure we keep you updated 🙂

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Lynxed (Atari Lynx Demo)

Lynxed is a demo for the Atari Lynx handheld, made by the fine Desire guys. Writing a demo for the Lynx is not really very common these days so for sure already a Lynx highlight of the year. Code: Heaven; Music: Triace; Graphics: Bokanoid, Osz & Alien. Tested on a real Atari Lynx 2.

Lynxed - Atari Lynx demo presented at Nordlicht 2016 by Desire
Watch this video on YouTube.

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2048 (14-09-2015) (Atari Lynx Game)

_cooper_ brings us the puzzle game 2048 to the Atari Lynx. Press A or B on title screen to have 2 different tilesets, 1 for LCD-modded lynx, and 1 for classic screen, a bit easier to read. There are minor problems known to this game, so it might get an update soon.

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Specially coded for PDRC 3.33 “2 weeks” Compo. The object of this simple game is to bring your helicopter home through 4 different stages:

Stage 1: Avoid the Balloons
Stage 2: Caves
Stage 3: Concrete Bunker
Stage 4: Chopper City

I will leave it up to your imagination to make up your own storyline 🙂

If you crash your chopper into anything it will explode and you will lose one of your 3 lives. (Note: the Lynx has hardware pixel collision detection, so there is no “leeway”).

Also, if you run out of fuel you will crash. So don’t fly too slowly. When you get to the end of a stage the fuel you have left will be added to your score.

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Break (Atari Lynx Game)

Eric Ruck developes a new Atari Lynx game called “Break”. More details can be read following the link below. [No download avaliable yet]

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Atari Lynx uploads! (Atari Lynx misc)

Atari Lynx Additions

Raycast (A Corridor) by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
Sprite Demo 1 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
Sprite Demo 2 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
Sprite Demo 3 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
Sprite Demo 4 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
Sprite Demo 5 by Matthias Domin (+ c-source)
The Dungeon v0.12 by Matthias Domin

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Multi Pong 1k (Updated) (Atari Lynx Game)

The Atari Lynx game “Multi Pong 1k” by Bjoern Spruck recieved an update. It was also entered the at the MiniGame 2002 Coding Competition. You can get the file from the MiniGame 2002 page, or download it in the Atari Lynx/Games section.

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