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openMSX v0.8.0 (MSX emu for Dingoo Linux)

openMSX is one the most advanced emulators of MSX, an 8-bit home computer system from the 80’s for which many great games exist. Compared to the preview version, this version starts up much quicker, has a more responsive and better designed OSD menu and has a virtual keyboard.

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GnuBoy4D v1.0

GnuBoy4D for Dingux is a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator based upon GnuBoy.

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Timeless (05-06-2010) (Dingoo Linux Demo)

Timeless by Tran is a demo originally released in February 1994!

This demo has now been ported to Dingux by SiENcE.

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Exult (WIP) (Dingoo Linux misc)

Exult is a project to recreate Ultima 7 for modern operating systems, using the game’s original plot, data, and graphics files.

SiENcE is currently porting this piece of software to Dingux and has published a “video in action” ->

A real release should follow soon!

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FHeroes 2 (R1) (Dingoo Linux misc)

The Free Heroes II project (FHeroes 2) aim to create a free implementation of Heroes of Might and Magic II engine using SDL.,0,0,0,26,353

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GnuBoy4D v1.0 (GBC emu for Dingoo Linux)

GnuBoy4D for Dingux is a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator based upon GnuBoy.


-MENU by pressing LEFT- and RIGHT-Shoulder Buttons together (no conflicts with SELECT or START)
-Screenshots for Savestates
-Speed enhancements (~200mhz it runs most times @60fps)
-new Scaler added (Scale2x still a bit buggy)
-Savestates bugfix when loading a Savestate (other than default) for first time
-new Backgrounds
-Menu is taken from joyrider gnuboy port (THANKS!)
-ported from newest gnuboy sources 1.0.3

Plenty of Gameboy Color homebrew games can be found here at PDRoms, just browse around 🙂,0,0,0,1,352

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Countdown v1.0 (Dingoo Linux Application)

Countdown is a simple countdown timer application for Dingux.,0,0,0,8,350

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StartWatch v1.0 (Dingoo Linux Application)

Simple stopwatch application for Dingux.,0,0,0,8,351

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Gmenu2x Nuke v0.2 (Dingoo Linux misc)

Gmenu2x Nuke is a “local pack” filled with games, emulators and applications for Dingux. A list is not yet published, but all added programs should come with a proper icon.

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ViewImage v1.2 (Dingoo Linux Application Port)

ViewImage is a simple image viewer that has been optomized for use on the Dingoo with Dingux. See the included README for full instructions & information.


Zoom & Pan: Press A to zoom an image to full size then use D-Pad to pan around. X to return to normal mode.
View Image Info: Press Y to toggle the info display on/off. Displayed info includes filename and image size.
Slideshow Mode: Use the Hold switch to lock the controls, & ViewImage will cycle through all the images in the directory, with a 10 second delay on each image.
Bugfix: Auto-scaling fixed to handle square images properly.

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