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Timeless v1.0.1

Timeless initially released in 1994 by Tran!

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BlueCube4D (14-06-2010)

BlueCube4D is a Tetris-clone ported from a GP2X game, which in turn is a port of a Linux game.

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Alice in Crapland (24-09-2009)

Alice in Crapland is a “crap” Jump’n’Run game for Dingux.

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gpSP (15-06-2010) (GBA emu for Dingoo Linux)

gpSP is a well known emulator for Gameboy Advance, available for a bunch of systems. The Dingux version has been improved once again:


* fixed fullscreen (now its real 320×240)
* added volumecontrol

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BlueCube4D (14-06-2010) (Dingoo Linux Game)

BlueCube4D is a Tetris game for Dingux.

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Stercus Accidit (10-06-2010) (Dingoo Linux Demo Port)

Stercus Accidit is an attempt at a gothic style demo. Featuring some vectors, music sync and raytraced lookup tables. Originally made for AGA/060 Amigas and then ported to numerous platforms as usual.

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Hivelux (10-06-2010) (Dingoo Linux Application)

Hivelux – The Simple Hively/AHX Player!

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Battlepong v1.0 (Dingoo Linux Game)

Just a Pong with one and two player modes…

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Entombed (10-06-2010) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Entombed is a one or two player maze game based on the classic Atari 2600 game.

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Jenny Thinks (22-05-2010) (Dingoo Linux Demo Port)

Jenny Thinks is a demo originally released at Assembly 2004. It was a cooperation between Fit and Bandwagon.

Youtube Video:,0,0,0,38,356

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