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LPairs (07-09-2011) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

LPairs is a Memory game from the LGame series. It requires a virtual mouse, so make sure to activate it.


* OpenDingux version in the folder with sound support.
* Use the OpenDingux mouse to use it (select+B)
* When virtual mous is activate the game return to menu at first launch,0,0,0,25,498

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Barrage (06-09-2011) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Barrage (ported to Dingux by Coccijoe) is a game created by lGames. Your objective is to destroy as much as possible enemy units. Short instructions are provided ingame. You need virtual mouse to play Barrage.


* OpenDingux version added on the folder
* Key are fix for OD and menus updates.
* Use the virtual mouse intagrate in OD,0,0,0,30,499

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GMenu2X (01-09-2011) (Dingoo Linux Application)

GMenu2X is an alternative frontend initially available for the GP2x and GP2x Wiz handheld. It features direct links to applications and games, built-in free space monitor of SD-Cards, built-in overclocker. All of this with a nice & clean look ‘n’ feel and easily customizable.

Release notes:

gmenu2x_qwerty has a little bug… that is when press “Y” … appear message about controls button is wrong… fixed,0,0,0,8,528

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DMenu v0.7 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

DMenu is a menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.


No changelog given,0,0,0,8,527

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Fleshchasmer I – The Eve (21-08-2011) (Dingoo Linux Game Port)

Quasist’s 3D adventure game Fleshchasmer is now available for Dingux.,0,0,0,26,525

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BennuGD v1.0.0.r263 (Dingoo misc Port)

Bennu is a scripting language aimed at making games. Bennu is designed as an easy tool you can use to develop games with. It provides easy solutions for sound and graphic operations. While not being as easy as Game Maker, it is also not as limiting as Game Maker. With Bennu, you decide what game you make.!/

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uNGP v0.4 (NGPC emu)

uNGP is a NeoGeo Pocket emulator for Caanoo and Dingux by Uguru.


– Solved some bugs in blitter and frameskip code.
– A little increase speed.
– Changed Autofire code.
– Changed the code about syncing and fps counter in emu.
– Changes code when a game is not really a NGP game.
– First public Caanoo binary

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PSP-Maps v2.2 v5 (Application Port)

PSP-Maps allows access to various map services such as “Google Maps” and others, to let you display maps directly on your device. A stable Internet connection is necessary.


– Enable Danzeff VKeyboard
– Change some Menu design
– Optimized to 320×240
– Fixed crash on Quit

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Yoshis Dingux Emu Pack and Fact Sheets v0.3 (Dingoo Linux misc)

Yoshis Wiz Emu Pack and Fact Sheets contains SD card ready emulators and fact sheets for the Wiz.

Following emulators come with the pack:

AlexKidd2x 0.6 (SMS)
CPS2Emu (CPS2)
FBA2X 7.3 Alpha (Arcade)
GnGeo 0.7 (Neo Geo)
gpfce 0.4+ (NES)
gpSP 0.9-2Xb-u6 (GBA)
Lemonboy (GBC)
MAME4ALL 2.6 (Arcade)
NeoCD (Neo Geo CD)
OhBoy 1.0.0-beta 1 (GBC)
PicoDrive 1.8.0 (SMD)
PocketSNES 7.2.0qf (SNES)
ScummVM 1.2.0 (Classic Adv Games)
Temper 0.75 (PCE)
UAE4ALL 0.8.0 Beta (Amiga)

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3D Software Engine Demo v0.01 (Dingoo Linux Techdemo)

3D Software Engine Demo is a simple 3D software engine demo made with BennuGD! Excellent for door’s and objects in a 2D perspective game.,0,0,0,38,523

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