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New Doom Test Build (GP32 Game Port)

For all those who hope to get a new BLU+ compatible Doom build for the GP32, the time of waiting is over.

It’s a two edged news… but read the comment:

Good and bad news… Good news is below is a new test build for both BLU and BLU+ users! BLU+ should be working as it was working on craigs blu+, but please confirm.Bad news is that saving/loading game saves is broke since these new builds. The reason is almost certainly down to a compiler issue as Rob has a different compiler setup to me so I need to find out whats different and all should be working as normal again soon.If you want to try this new build you can download it at . Please delete your DOOM.OPT file in GP://GAME//DOOM as i have changed the settings around slightly and may cause a conflict when loading the settings. For the first time you load the game, goto the ‘GP32 Type’ option at the bottom of the screen and press the A button to change to Original/FLU/BLU or BLU+ depending on what GP32 you have. Also change any other settings as necessary. Press START to continue and these new settings will be saved.It should automatically change to BLU+ settings if you choose them the first time, but if not reload the fxe and it will definately work. Same for normal GP32s.Please remember game saving/loading does not work in these test builds, me and craig will fix them asap. Feel free to report any new bugs here and we will look into them. Also, thanks to Drumaster for testing earlier on IRC.

Doom Testbuild Release

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Pizza Worm v1.0 (GP32 Game)

kissbenqt animates you with his new game to eat as much pizza as you can … 🙂

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CastawayGP v13.2 (Atari ST emu for GP32)

Skeezix released a new version of his Atari ST emulator. This version now has two FXEs, the first is the normal version and the second, Castawa+.fxe, has improved sampled-audio playback but is slightly slower than the normal version.

Download it from the homepage here.

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Rally Game Engine (Demo) (GP32 Techdemo)

Mithris released a demo of his engine which slowly turns into a rally game.

Controls are:

stick to steer
A to accelerate
B to brake
L,R for gear change…
SELECT to reset vehicle
START… might crash it…

Downloads can be found on his homepage at

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Noughts and Crosses (Beta) (GP32 Game)

Xafier made a betaversion of his upcomming game “Noughts and Crosses” avaliable at the GP32x boards. For the “Betatest” section you have to be registered member of the GP32x boards.

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Chicken 2 (Beta) (GP32 Game)

Loki666 made a betaversion of his upcomming game “Chicken 2” avaliable at the GP32x boards. For the “Betatest” section you have to be registered member of the GP32x boards.

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Seawolf (GP32 Game)

DonSkeeto made a remake of the classical arcade game”Seawolf”. You can get it from his page. Source is also avaliable.

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Solar Terra (Beta) (GP32 Game)

jlebrech made a 2D Elite like game for the GP32. It is still in beta stage, but you can get a beta version of it from the GP32x Boarsd. Don’t forget to leave feedback.

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CastawayGP v13.1 (AtariST emulator for GP32)

After months of no update on CastawayGP, Jeff updated it. Finally we have better sound… but the release is still experimental.

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ScummVM for the GP32 0.5.1 Public ALPHA (GP32 Lucas Arts Game Interpretor)

If you loved to play Lucas Arts Adventures on your PC and you want to play them on your GP32 as well… you might check out ScummVM very urgently 🙂

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