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Samurai v0.3i
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Battleships 32 v1.0
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Xump v1.05
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GP32 3D Lib Test (GP32 misc)

Release notes:

03/14/06 : GP32 3D lib test : Some tests of the current version of my 3D lib (with or without zbuffer, cell/flat or gouraud shading). Use stick to move/animate the model, A to reset.

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gP32oPie (Pre-Alpha 2) (GP32 misc)

gP32oPie is a Linux version for the GP32.


  • 1) Kernel update (recent Kernel 2.4 in GP32LINUX micro2) – I tried Kernel 2.6, but boot failed.
  • 2) Edit ‘start’ file
  • 3) And small changes 🙂
  • Read readme.txt for more information.,0,0,0,18,986

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    Atomic (Beta 2) (GP32 Game Port)

    Logann has updated his port of kAtomic for the GP32.

    Changes according to ilarri:

  • all levels work now (not 100% sure)
  • no more resets (maybe)
  • atoms with the correct sprite
  • level selector
  • movements counter (it will be saved if you want)
  • and many more

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    GP32 S.E.U.C.K. (03-01-2006) (GP32 misc)

    GP32 S.E.U.C.K. by wubby (the wub) is a (S)hoot (E)m (U)p (C)onstruction (K)it for the GP32. When it’s fully finished it will allow you to create your own shooter games without coding skills.

    Release notes:

    Managed to work through the new year hangover and get some work done on the seuck. There are quite a few new sprite options for the player and it all seems to work. There’s a simple demo file to demonstrate some of this but I haven’t had time to put anything decent together. I need a few more options for the title screen and some sound and then it will be pretty cool,0,0,0,30,730

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    Game Partner v2.0 (GP32 Game)

    Game Parter v2.0 is a chess game by Thor using the Fruit 2.1 chess engine.,0,0,0,25,984

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    Ghosts On Toast (02-01-2006) (GP32 Game)

    Digitaljez released Ghosts on Toast, it is a remake of PacMan. Thanks to GP32x for the news.,0,0,0,27,982

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    Nester GPd v1.3 (NES emu for GP32)

    dMouse did it again… another update of NesterGPd…

    This version contains:- More code optimization, more speed.- Selection of conversion graphics of 8bits to true color 16bits.- Option to erase ROMS from the same emulator (still in beta test – beware!).- Exit bug fixed

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