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Unofficial Wiz SDL Library v1.2.13 (02-09-2011) (Wiz misc)

ikari updated the unofficial Wiz SDL library.

The source code is here:,0,0,0,46,272,0,0,0,23,271

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Shotsim v0.0.3 (Game)

Rikku2000 has updated his target shooting game “Shotsim”. As of now he still plans to add many features, so keep checking the release thread.


[v0.0.3] – Explosion by GRENADEPISTOL/RPG
[v0.0.3] – Short RPG sound
[v0.0.3] – nature.ogg edit with some new sounds

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Shotsim v0.0.2 (Game)

Rikku2000 is not only famous for porting several games to GPH consoles, but now started his very own project “Shotsim” too. It’s a target shooting game for Wiz, GP2x and Caanoo. As of now he still plans to add many features, so keep checking the release thread.

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Mission Failed v1.2 (Wiz Game)

Zilli “RZZ” Roberto updated his game “Mission Failed”. It’s an oldschool 2D spacer shooter with graphics ripped from various games.


– Your option settings will be saved
– 2 different difficulty levels: Normal (as before) and Easy (smaller ship hitbox,
slower enemy fire, less enemy fire..)
– You can choose wich level to play, once completed
– Added a mini-game once finished the game:
* In mini-game there are 2 kinds of asteroids: brown and grey. You have to destroy more asteroids as possible, but if a gray asteroid escapes, the game in over. 1 live, infinie ammo.
– Added a simple tutorial, in level 1, wich invites you to use the correct weapon
– Longer invincibility time after death
– The period of invincibility is indicated by a graphic effect.,0,0,0,30,539

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Geek Em Up v1.1 (Wiz Game)

“Geek ’em Up” is a side scrolling shoot ’em up. Did you ever ask yourself how your favorite game genre would look as a shoot ’em up? In Geek ’em up each level is designed after a different game genre.


– 3 Levels, each with a unique design
– Boss battles
– 8-Bit soundtrack
– PowerUps


-Improved volume control
-Added save function
-Fixed parts of the background disappearing in level 2,0,0,0,30,563

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Engine02 (11-08-2011) (Wiz misc)

E02 is a versatile, multiplatform 2D game development system. Its editors and powerful script interface allow users to create the characters and environment that make up the game, while the program handles I/O, low-level player/object management, etc. Many 2D Genre are possible with this system, such as Platform, Adventure, SHMUP, Fighter, RPG, Paddleball/Pinball, and others.

Release notes:

The E02 multiplatform 2D Game Engine has been in development for some time now, and is now available for the Wiz

Two game demos are currently available:
Megaman: Triple Threat –
Sonic the Hedgehog: Project Mettrix –

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SnesGP2x v0.01 (SNES emu for Wiz)

SnesGP2x is a SNES emulator initially for GP2x, now ported to Wiz by GECA_soft. It’s in early stages so you should probably not expect miracles.,0,0,0,71,562

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OhBoy (04-08-2011) (GBC emu)

OhBoy is a Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator for Caanoo, initially made by UBYTE. Extract the OhBoy folder and .ini file to the “game” directory on your SD.

Developer hi-ban increased the palette count to 16 schemes and also made other improvements over the past few days. “GECA soft” compiled OhBoy for Wiz users!

Caanoo download:,0,0,0,71,762
Wiz download:,0,0,0,71,561

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Yoshis Wiz Emu Pack and Fact Sheets v0.3 (Wiz misc)

Yoshis Wiz Emu Pack and Fact Sheets contains SD card ready emulators and fact sheets for the Wiz.

Following emulators come with the pack:

AlexKidd2x 0.6 (SMS)
CPS2Emu (CPS2)
FBA2X 7.3 Alpha (Arcade)
GnGeo 0.7 (Neo Geo)
gpfce 0.4+ (NES)
gpSP 0.9-2Xb-u6 (GBA)
Lemonboy (GBC)
MAME4ALL 2.6 (Arcade)
NeoCD (Neo Geo CD)
OhBoy 1.0.0-beta 1 (GBC)
PicoDrive 1.8.0 (SMD)
PocketSNES 7.2.0qf (SNES)
ScummVM 1.2.0 (Classic Adv Games)
Temper 0.75 (PCE)
UAE4ALL 0.8.0 Beta (Amiga),0,0,0,5,542

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Freedroid v0.7 (Game Port)

Freedroid is a remake of the classic C64 home computer game Paradroid by Andrew Braybrook with some improvements and extensions to the original version. Ported to Caanoo and Wiz by Farox.

Wiz Download:,0,0,0,27,558
Caanoo Download:,0,0,0,27,753

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