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CODE-8 (PICO-8 Game)

CODE-8 is a great retro point+click adventure game by Liquidream for PICO-8. You have crashed on an alien planet after responding to a CODE-8 distress call. Now you have to try to repair your ship and get home…

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Pilot8 v2018.05.22 (PICO-8 Game)

Pilot8 is a simple shooter game for PICO-8 by btco.

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Reunited v2018.05.10 (PICO-8 Game)

Reunited is a PICO-8 game by rarelikeaunicorn. Control both halves of your broken heart as they struggle to keep themselves together.

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Coin Hexagon v2018.05.09 (PICO-8 misc)

Coin Hexagon for PICO-8 by mago314. Play around with the “Coin Hexagon” puzzle. Grab and drop coins. You can only drop coins where they will have 2 neighbours, and you can’t move them through narrow spaces. Try to get from the starting position to an hexagon in 3 moves. Good luck!

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Space Cave HD v1.0 (PICO-8 Game)

Space Cave HD is a PICO-8 game by fartenko. Basically you fly through the cave and kill other ships, that’s it.

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Tomb of G’Nir v2018.05.10 (PICO-8 Game)

Tomb of G’Nir is a brand new PICO-8 game by paranoidcactus. It’s a lovely but difficult platform game which you could play right now in your browser. How far can you make it?

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OpenSimplex Noise Generator Demo v1.2 (PICO-8 misc)

OpenSimplex Noise Generator Demo for PICO-8 by Felice.

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Drumulator 3000 v2018.05.11 (PICO-8 misc)

Drumulator 3000 for PICO-8 by beepyeah. The Drumulator 3000 presents the bleeding edge in 8-bit drumkit simulation.

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Desert Drive v2018.05.11 (PICO-8 Game)

Desert Drive is a PICO-8 game by beepyeah. Once there was a square, fenced-off area in the desert. Off-road vehicles loved to drive around it in circles and win the top prize!! Maybe you could do it too!

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Comanche 1/2 v2018.05.07 (PICO-8 Game)

Comanche 1/2 is a PICO-8 game by electricgryphon. Pilot your state-of-the-art RAH-66 Comanche helicopter over once-peaceful tropical shores. Take on an endless barrage of enemies and leave their wreckage littering the voxel landscape.


– Added cockpit view
– Added more feedback when firing gun
– Added more feedback when hitting enemy
– Missiles!
– HUD with missile count, mini map, and damage status
– Delay until copters start firing
– Removed acceleration button. I was always holding it down anyway

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