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Carazu (30-08-2016) (GB Game)

Play as Carazu the mouse and explore a fantasy world with spikes and creatures that are trying to kill you. Collect power ups as you progress to give Carazu new abilities! Coded by Martin Holtkamp for Game Boy Classic!

Carazu (Game Boy)

Thanks to Martin Holtkamp himself for the notification! The source code can be found here.

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Pretty Princess Castle Escape v0.6.0 (GB Game)

Pretty Princess Castle Escape by sergeeo and Zalo has been updated. It’s supposed to be the final version. Thanks to sergeeo for the news udpate.

The Princess has to escape from the Royal Castle and needs to avoid spikes, placed almost everywhere! Help her get her crown back!

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Pretty Princess Castle Escape v0.5.0 (GB Game)

Pretty Princess Castle Escape is a new Game Boy game by sergeeo.

The Princess has to escape from the Royal Castle and needs to avoid spikes, placed almost everywhere! Help her get her crown back!

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I Shall Be Queen (GBC Game)

I Shall Be Queen by Refresh Games is a Double Dragon-style beat-em-up for #bitbitjam3 For the Game Boy and Game Boy Color!

Release notes:

There are a couple of bugs with the game and it gets bloody tough to beat. Also I had to cut out the boss fight due to ROM and time limitations. There’s a few easter eggs dotted around, have fun!

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fruit fly. (GB Game)

fruit fly. by DeltaGardner is a fruit fly simulator for Game Boy. Live your life as a fruit fly. Can you survive? This game is a Game Boy ROM that can be loaded onto a flashcart or played on a Game Boy / GBA emulator.

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Take Care of Yourself (GB misc)

Take Care of Yourself by DeltaGardner is an anxiety simulator for the Game Boy handheld console.

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Flappy Boy (GB Game)

Flappy Boy by zurashu is a reproduction of Flappy Bird done for the original GB in a couple of days for the 2014 “Flappy Jam”.

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Waifu Clicker (GB Game)

Waifu Clicker is a Game Boy game by Refresh Games.

Release notes:

The Gameboy Clicker game that nobody ever even asked for! Created during GGJ16 In ~24 hours with mild panic everywhere around the theme of “ritual” heck, there’s nothing more ritualistic than a clicker game, let’s Gameboy it up. This was the sadly somewhat lacklustre result, but still, it IS a gameboy ROM I made so, here it is in all its glory. Kiss the waifus.

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Run To Databay (GB Game)

Run To Databay is a Game Boy game by Fredrik Brundin and Reggie Schildmeijer.

Hunter slammed the cup on the table and nearly spat out his drink. ‘No way,’ he shouts. ‘You went after the Corporation?’

Jammer threw a quick glance around the bar, but to his surprise not one person had turned their head. The old saying is true: “find your way to Databay”.

A smile escapes him as he looks back to Hunter. ‘It is true,’ he says, raising his left hand and pinching his thumb and index finger. ‘I was this close to go in and out without them noticing.’

‘So what went wrong?’ Hunter asked curiously.

‘A small oversight in their security grid, nothing I could have really foreseen. They were applying an out-of-schedule update while I was hacking into their system when they detected an anomaly in their system.’

‘But you still managed to get the data, right?’

Jammer lolled back and raised the drink to his mouth. ‘Of course.’ He took a sip and grinned. ‘I am a System Beast, after all.’

Hunter guffawed loudly and stomped his feet to the ground. With a raised hand he shouted out an order for two more drinks. ‘I saw the land speeder. I have a feeling the story is going to get better.’

Jammer leaned forward. ‘Oh it is,’ he said. ‘Let me tell you about my run to Databay.’

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Her Sovereign Virus v0.1.0 (GB Game)

Her Sovereign Virus is a Game Boy game by David Frankel, Vivekanand Vimal, Quin Kennedy and The Party Skeleton. The game itself is part of the bitbitJam #3 competition.

60,000 years ago, during great turmoil, Her Royal Highness Princess the First, left her father’s Kingdom to conquer Humankind. Now you play as a blessed descendant of Her Sovereign Virus, bred over centuries to be a perfect assailant.

You must navigate the bustling inner fortresses of the barbaric human-kind, avoiding demise in the face of their immunity, while feeding on their helpless plump cells. Once you infiltrate the nervous system, their fate is sealed, and your righteous duty is fulfilled!

Groundbreaking 3-dimensional gameplay for the GameBoy! move in all three directions to avoid threats and search out your ultimate goal: ultimate survival.

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