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Task Facade (Dynamo3) v0.4 (PPC Application)

Task Facade is a cool, animated task manager for your PocketPC 2003/05/06 device. Say goodbye to boring text lists of running programs and instead manage your programs by sliding in images of all your running applications onto your screen. For each program on your device an image is saved and when you click the hotkey they all zoom onto your screen. Simply click the one you want and it will increase to fill the screen. Quickly seeing all the running programs is far more efficient than having to read through a text-based task list so Task Facade can make task switching a much faster, and cooler, experience.

Task Facade also allows you to quit programs from inside the image view meaning that it does everything your old text-based program manager could do.

As well as just looking generally cooler, Task Facade offers far more customization than before and allows the whole application to be controlled using either your PDAs hardware keys or the stylus.


# renamed IMPORTANT: remove Dynamo3 before installing
# bugfixing
+ process kill function corrected
+ orientation change handling
+ new settings: double click delay and longtap delay

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Visual Task Switcher v0.9 (PPC Application)

A Visual Task switcher in the style of Dynamo3.

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Web Video Downloader (WVD) v0.0.6.0 (PPC Application)

Web Video Downloader can download .flv or .mp4 videos from various web sites.


Add WebSites:
– xxxStash
– Pornhub
– Veoh (Problem, I can’t parse the ajax result …) Maybe in next version

Add features:
– Support streaming with TCPMP. (Install TCPMP with flash plugin and associate m3u files) Work for (Youtube, Google, Dailymotion, bootyfix, xxxstash)
– Thumbnail animation (For Tube8,PornHub,Xnxx)

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GSlide v0.4.7 (PPC Application)

GSlide, “Generic Slide”, is simply a explorer with a kinetic slider interface.

To install just drop the folder into your Programs folder. It works wherever you place it.


– Lots and lots


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Tippy v1.0 (PPC Application)

Tippy is a bill splitter and tip calculator for Windows Mobile.


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VOA (01-10-2008) (PPC Application)

VOA is a little application which runs in background and reacts on user activities with vibration.


– Vibrate always on touch events (mouse down, or mouse up)
– Vibrate only if SIP is active
– Vibrate on Key press (hardware keys)
– Adjustable vibration (duration in ms)
– configuration over command line parameters
– fully event based, so only battery consumption while vibrating
– No runtimes needed (pure C++ application)
– Works with WM 5+ (not 2003)


– Fix for volume buttons (HTC Diamond), the keyboard part of the code is completely disabled if onkey 0 is set

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Gmail (IMAP) Push for Pocket Outlook v0.6 (PPC Application)

The program runs in the background and subscribes to IMAP IDLE notifications. When the notifications arrive it can do a send/receive on the PocketOutlook account you specify, effectively enabling push email for your Gmail account (or other imap server that supports the IDLE command).

Release notes:

Update: version 0.6.0 is released
Changes: program allows you to save your settings, and will not prompt you next time you start it. To get the prompt again, currently you need to delete the settings file. Note that storing your settings stores your encrypted password on your device, and since this is an open source program, anyone can lookup how I do the encryption, so only use this option if you are comfortable, and change your email password if you lose your device!

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ThrottleLauncher v0.9.4 (Beta) (PPC Application)

ThrottleLauncher is a launcher app designed for Windows Mobile 5 and 6 in c# and c++. Basically it consist’s of several pages containing rows. Each of the rows depending of it contents can be scrolled horizontally by using the finger. The app is fully configurable through xml files so the rest of the features depends on the diferent setups.

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Talkonaut v4.15.81 (PPC Application)

Talkonaut is freely available, VoIP enabled, Google Talk like application for your mobile phone. Talkonaut is available for three different mobile platforms: Symbian S60, Windows Mobile 5/6 and J2ME with MIDP-2.0. Talkonaut supports Jabber, Google Talk, ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo networks for chatting and voice calling.

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Web Video Downloader (WVD) v0.0.5.0 (PPC Application)

Web Video Downloader can download .flv or .mp4 videos from various web sites.

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