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Slide2Play (S2P) v0.70 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Slide2Play is a S2 series application. S2P is a stylus-free MP3/WMA player application. It simply lets you browse your music files & play.


– temporarily disabled the “Album View” & “Playlists”.
– added option to set/refresh the music library.
– added more views to play or shuffle songs; an artist’s songs or albums.
– added option to play album by album randomly – “Shuffle Albums”.
– added support to MP4/AAC as long as the device already has the corresponding WMP decoder.
– faster startup.
– AVRCP no longer requires WMP running in the background on some HTC devices (read the FAQ for details).
– a lot of enhancements made on the user interface.
– a lot of minor bugs fixed.

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LnkMe v1.1 (PPC Application)

Create SMS and Call shortcut files with just a few steps.

Manually creating shortcut files for sms and call sending to specific contacts requires using a text editor (in PPC and PC) and then manually typing text codes and memorizing the phone number for that particular contact, then repeating the same procedure again and again for each contact.

oldsap has created this simple application to automate all of this.

The shortcut files created will allow you to automatically create a new sms for a particular person, or make a call to a person, depending on what lnk file you chose to create.

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PowerRadio v1.5.0.3 (PPC Application)

Power Radio is a FM player with RDS decoding, at least on HTC HD.

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winmoSpender (02-09-2009) (PPC Application)

winmoSpender is a spending tracking utility. It is designed to aid the user to quickly enter in their spending and give them the ability to modify the added entry with more details. Also, with a sleek finger-friendly design, you will not hesitate to show it off to your friends and family.

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Pocket Gforce 2 – Betatesters Wanted (PPC misc)

Ikari is currently developing Pocket Gforce 2.

This version is for all devices with or without Gsensor and resolution.


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smartWatchM v1.2.4.2 (PPC Application)

Here is a notification utility smartWatchM for Sony Ericsoon BT watch (MBW-150). It supports all main features of Sony Ericsson phones and it even has some extra functions.

It’s developed for Smartphones/Windows Mobile Standard but works on all WM 5/6 devices (with MS BT stack).

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JMLToday v5.3b (PPC Application)

The JMLToday Titanium plugin provides you with,


– Clock, Date
– Weather forecast current, today and the follwing 4 day + city + conditions
– Tear-off calendar
– Notifications: Battery, Wifi, Bluetooth, next appointment, next alarm.
– Supports S2U2 weather (option: UserWeather)
– Context menu (on page 1)
– Special Internet Setting for light use (Page 2)
– Interface to implement AddOns by using simple MortScript (Micha will explain it)


– E-Mail Notification (to tested)
– Operator Name
– Second Clock
– For travelers, managing a list of cities for the weather.
– Reviewing the Multi-Lang. : 1 file per country. (JMLLang_fr.ini, JMLLang_de.ini ….)
– Auto-Update weather .

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ZLaunchy v0.2 (PPC Application)

ZLaunchy was written mainly for those who like the way Windows Mobile dialer allows searching for contacts in a T9-like way – so that finding Adam means choosing 2326 in the phone application. ZLaunchy uses the same idea to run programs on your device. What it does is gives you a dialer keypad and when you type in a series of digits, it searches for all programs that match – for example to start Internet Explorer, start typing 4683 – Internet Explorer and Internet Sharing should show up in the result list.

Application performs a search using all items in the Start Menu. It also skips showing application icons, which causes it to work faster than usual application launchers. This makes ZLaunchy a perfect candidate for an application that’s bound to a hardware key (using system settings) and have it always handy when you want to find an application quickly.


* Added support for square QVGA (240×240 and 320×320) devices
* Support for entering digits or text using hardware keyboard
* Configuration panel – vibration feedback, additional search location
* Added possibility of searching My Documents and one additional directory (multiple directories coming soon)
* Searching for strings not only at beginning of words (by appending 1 at the end)
* Optionally run on startup – starts and hides ZLaunchy in the background
* Minor bugfixes

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fixOperaFlash v1.4.7.0 (PPC Application)

This tool will automatically install and configure everything you need to run your Opera with Flash support. With other words: No need to install Flash Lite… Yes, just Plug&Flash!

Tested and working with:

Opera 9.5:
#15233, #15529, #15613, #15746, #15750, #16702, #16844, #16983, #1957
Opera 9.7:
#beta1 (Turbo Speed turned off)

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Slide2Shutdown v1.1 (PPC Application)

Slide2Shutdown, the name is program 🙂 Now supports all resolutions!


FIXED: HTC devices should shutdown properly now. HUGE thank you to DaveShaw for helping me with this. I don’t think Omnia devices will though. Please send me a PM if you know how to rectify this.
ADDED: Support for multiple languages. French and German (thanks basthet!) included. See above for information on enabling this.

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