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Pingouin Bleu v1.0.0 (Genesis Game)

Pingouin Bleu by djcc is a horizontal shooter game featuring a penguin. Unfortunately the game is rather short, but never the less worth a look or two.


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Papi Commando (30-06-2015) (Genesis Game)

Papi Commando is a rather new Genesis game by french developer Vetea. This action game support two players at once and features a big boss at the end.

[Official Trailer] Papi Commando - Megadrive [HD]
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Tro-Now (26-07-2015) (Genesis Game)

Tro-Now is an entry to the BITBIT Jam 2015 coding competition.


Survive 3 minutes in the light cycle grid with the maximun hi-score possible. Up to 4 players using 2 gamepads, left-right and A-B buttons in gamepad 1 and 2. Mega CD compatible, optimized (and recommended) using the Tron Legacy Official Soundtrack.

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No code No tools No demo (Genesis Demo)

No code, no tools – no demo. is a short Megadrive/Genesis demo released at Chaos Constructions 2015. It ranked 3rd in the “combined demo” competition.

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Jason Scott Birthtro (Genesis Intro)

Jason Scott Birthtro is a tiny birthday intro by Planet Earth. A very special gift for a person, especially if the intro runs on a Sega Genesis.

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Travel (Genesis Demo)

The demogroup Resistance released their demo Travel during Solskogen 2015.

Travel (Sega Megadrive\Genesis Tech Demo - Solskogen 2015)
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Bug Hunt (31-01-2015) (Genesis Game)

Hungry? Want flies? Try the brandnew Mega Drive / Genesis homebrew game Bug HuntTheAfroMonkeys.


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Stuck Somewhere in Time (Genesis Music Disk)

Stuck Somewhere in Time is a music disk for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive by up rough, insane & Titan.

Stuck Somewhere in Time by up rough & insane & Titan (Live)
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Leovigildo’s Murcian Conspiracy (BitBitJam 2014) (Genesis Game)

Leovigildo’s Murcian Conspiracy by Pixel Bastards is a Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis game relased at the BitBitJam 2014 coding competition. It’s pretty game on two little sprites shot each other jumping… while fight dolphins that eats onion fried rings controlled by the evil Leovigildo that conspires to conquer Murcia!

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Junkbots (BitBitJam 2014) (Genesis Game)

What the heck! The theme of the #bitbitjam has been manipulated. The Mojon have hidden six evidences of conspiracy and you must find them. Support Leobot find evidence of manipulation.

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