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Blowfish (Genesis Music Disk)

Blowfish by Planet Earth is a music disk for the Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive released at Datastorm 2014.

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XMAS 2013 (Genesis misc)

SigFLUP comes up with XMAS greetings for 2013. Fresh for the Sega Genesis!

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SupraKillminds (Alpha 2b) (Genesis Game)

SupraKillminds by Jack Nolddo is an early puzzle game for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive. The overall game experience will increase soon as the author plans to update graphics.

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Glass Breaker MD (25-11-2013) (Genesis Game)

Glass Breaker MD is a game by TµEE co.(TM). Objective of this game is to break all the windows of a house. It is not the easiest task because the inhabitants wont let you do so.

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Crazy Driver v1.1 (Genesis Game)

Crazy Driver is a simple homebrew driving game by M-374 LX for Sega Genesis written mostly in C. Ports to Game Boy Advance and PC are also planned.

Crazy Driver (Sega Genesis/Mega Drive homebrew) on the real hardware

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MineSweeper v2.0 (Genesis Game)

MineSweeper now for Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Yay!

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Datastorm 2014 Invitation (Genesis Invitro)

Genesis Project had the pleasure to serve the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis with an invitation intro for the upcoming Swedish demoparty Datastorm 2014. Watch Datastorm 2014 Invitation on an emulator or even better the real system.

Datastorm 2014 Invitation (Megadrive) by Genesis Project

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Silent Hill – Genesis (12-07-2013) (Genesis Game)

Silent Hill: Genesis by lupus is an freeware fan-made adaptation of the original Silent Hill for Sega Mega Drive / Genesis in the form of visual novel, based on Silent Hill: Play novel for GBA. A visual novel is an interactive fiction game featuring mostly static graphics with text. At certain moments the game asks a player to make a choice between two or more possible variants which affect the following walk through. Such kind of games is very popular in Japan, however totally unpopular in the west, therefore Silent Hill: Play Novel was never released outside this country.

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Sacred Line v0.1a (Genesis Game)

Sacred Line by Sasha Darko is a 16-bit first person surreal thriller for Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive. The game is free of censorship and recommended for Mature audience only.

The game is unfinished, for private testing only and contains grammar errors here and there.

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MD Music Demo 1 (Genesis Chipdisk)

MD Music Demo 1 by Gigasoft is a chipdisk/musicdisk for Genesis/Mega Drive.

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