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Merry Christmas 2012

Christmas wishes from SigFLUP, in form of a small demo.

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Merry Christmas 2012 (Genesis Demo)

Christmas 2012 is indeed over but this does not keep us back from posting about Merry Christmas 2012 by SigFLUP.

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BadApple (Genesis Demo)

BadApple!! by FLM is a demo for the Genesis / Megadrive. Due to it’s size it’s cut into two binaries. The only way to watch BadApple!! complete is to use the 8MB Everdrive version and it’s specific hardware.

[Touhou] Bad Apple!! – Sega Megadrive / Genesis version

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Tape21 (Genesis Demo)

K-Storm & Los Taco presented their abstract Sega Genesis / Megadrive Demo Tape21 recently to the public. Being a fan of artistic demos, this one has too much noise, but tastes are different – aren’t they?

Watch this video on YouTube.

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Zombie (Genesis Demo)

Zombie by K-Storm is a Genesis / Megadrive demo released at Chaos Constructions 2012 and placed 3rd in the combined demo competition. Yay, Megadrive!

Zombie by K-Storm and Los Tacos from kstorm on Vimeo.

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Rick Dangerous (15-02-2011) (Genesis Game)

Foxy and Pascal remade Core Design’s Rick Dangerous for the Genesis/Megadrive. The Megadrive/Genesis port results from a reverse engineerd Atari ST version and a complete recoding in 100% Assembler. It’s not based upon xRick, which most ports rely on. The game has been tested on real hardware and works!

Will Rick Dangerous, intrepid Super Hero and part-time stamp collector, survive his first mission in the Aztec temple of the tribe? Should he do so, Rick will face new hazards in the Egyptian tomb and the enemy fortress

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MDEMs First (Genesis Demo)

MDEM’s First by MDEM is the first ever Genesis/Megadrive demo by MDEM (hence the name!).

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Space Pixy (19-08-2010) (Genesis Game)

Collect mushrooms in a total of eight levels!,6297.0.html

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Mega Q-Bert (Demo) (Fixed) (Genesis Game)

Mega Q*Bert is an unofficial sequel of Q*Bert for Sega Genesis.


– 1 stage (6 levels)
– 2 control schemes
– 4 kinds of enemies + 1 kind of obstacles (killing block passable only by enemies, I put this only in 1-6 yet)
– FM music (made or remade with TFM Music Maker), PSG sounds

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TFM Player (11-02-2010)

A ROM for playing TFM music. No compilation required, just append the music to the player binary and start (check included readme).

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