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The Big Holstein (TUM 2008)

The Big Holstein by K2 is a demo released at “the Ultimate Meeting” 2008, which has been held in Karlsruhe/Durlach. The demo features a bunch of nice 3D scenes

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Caramelldansen by Darklite is a Gameboy Advance Demo ranked 5th at the Kindergarden 2008 combined demo competition

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Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn is a simple Intro for Sega Saturn by mic

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Led Blur
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Waking Up The Dead

GP2x demo coded for the “GP2x Demo Competition 2006&#

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Bloody Memories v2.01

XBOX 360 demo released at Breakpoint 2007. It ranked 4th in the wild demo competition

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Tribute For The Next Generation

Gameboy Advance demo named “Tribute For The Next Generation” by Grueh, released at Crau Party

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M-Dezign by Greuh is an oldschool demo released at “Very Important Party 2008&#

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Beerbong (Final)

Beerbong is a Gameboy Advance demo released at Solskogen

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Five Finger Discount

Five Finger Discount is a Gameboy Advance Demo created by Shitfaced Clowns. Released at Breakpoint 2006, ranked second place in the console coding competition

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