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Jezzball DS v1.3.0

JezzballDS, a clone of Jezzball from the Microsoft Entertainment Pack

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Grafoon v0.9

Grafoon is an ‘Arcade Style Puzzle Shooter’ with a lot of classic elements like: Doors, Keys, Mines (including chain reactions), various walls with different behavior, laser barrier, nasty enemies and a lot more. The main target is to pick up all Hobbels and bring them home to advance to the next map. Don’t touch the walls, they will destroy your

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Still Alive DS v1.2

StillAliveDS is a puzzle game inspired by Portal: The Flash Version which is a 2D renewal of Portal, developed by Valve Corporation. Portal consists primarily of a series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the character and other simple objects by using a Portal Gun. The unusual physics allowed by the portal gun are the emphasis of Portal

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Nicky Boum 2 v0.2.0

Nicky Boum 2 is the successor of “Nicky Boum&#

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Nicky Boum v0.2.0

The player controls ‘Nicky’, a little boy who embarks on an adventure through a fantastical land to find an elixir to save his grandfather from a spell cast on him by the evil sorceress Zoldrane. Nicky can walk, jump, and in an original theme can throw apple cores to defend himself against the monsters occupying the levels. Aside from throwing

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Bermuda Syndrome PSP (09-05-2008)

This is a PSP adaptation of classic side-scrolling action adventure game for DOS, made by Century Interactive and published by BMG in 1995. PSP port is based on a cross-platform game engine recreation by Gregory Montoir ( ). You’re a pilot of a B-17 bomber in 2nd World War. After you’re shot down by German fighters, you crash land

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Webfest v1.2

Webfest is a tunnel shooter type game very similar to Tempest. The game is a mostly cross-platform game, using Jum’s E3DOO cross-platform 3D scene engine, which is why there are PSP, Windows and Ubuntu Linux versions. For the Windows and Linux version check

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Bitsweeper (Release 2)

Bits are everywhere! Bits, these dangerous things planted on bitfields all around the world, are a menace for everyone, exploding and killing anyone who just happens to step on them. They must be eradicated once and for all! You are the Bitsweeper, explosives hunter extraordinaire. Your mission, although simple, is very dangerous: locate and deactivate all the missing bits on

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Anguna v0.95

Anguna is a Gameboy Advance homebrew game created by Nathan Tolbert, featuring art by Chris Hildenbrand (SpriteAttack). It is a short but exciting action-adventure game, reminiscant of the original Legend of Zelda. Features: – 5 dungeons and a large overworld to explore. – Multiple weapons and items including: a sword, bow & arrows, bear traps, dynamite, lantern, magic boots, and

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Blix32 v1.0

Blix32 is a remake of Nick Kouvaris’s flash game Blix. The goal is to form columns of same-coloured tiles by scrolling the three rows. Each scroll costs 2 moves, and each cleared column wins you 1 move. The game ends when you run out of moves

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