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Mario Demo v1.0

This is a technical demo. So far coins appear at random positions and you have to collect them

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Magik Tales Demo v1

This is a techdemo of “Magik Tales”. You can already walk around and collect diamonds, but that’s it

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Neo Racing Genesis v0.21

This is a car racing game for Gameboy Advance, coded by Dan Patri & Team. This version of “Neo Racing Genesis” is merely a technology demo – there is no real gameplay in place at this time, although there are rudimentary controls so you can interact with it

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Chess v0.0 (Beta)

Title Screen works, playing works, but no one can win and not all rules are impleded yet. No CPU playing, no game Load/Save

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Unfinished shooter game, without scoring

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Sega’s Sonic moveable on an empty map

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Sun Invaders

Space Invaders style game, but without scoring

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512-Colour Test Demo

This is just a simple demo that displays all of the 512 available colours of the PC-Engine on a single screen!

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Axelay SuperGrafx Demo

This is (the first?) graphics demo for the NEC SuperGrafx system. This demo should be run only in a good emulator that supports the SGX hardware. YAME is one example. CUE/ISO file for burning to a CD is included with the download file!

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Split-Resolution Demo

This demo splits up the screen into 3 regions, and shows different resolutions in each region! It looks great on a real PC-Engine system, even though many emulators fail to run it correctly. “Mednafen” runs it quite well

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