aCar is the ultimate tool to effectively track the maintenance, fuel mileage and expenses of your vehicles.

Whether you want to track the fuel mileage or the expenses of your vehicle, or to simply know if your vehicle operates at its peak, or just want a reminder for maintenance services of your vehicle (be it changing engine oil, air filter, oil filter, or inspection, wheel alignment, etc), aCar is the right tool for you.


* [Bug-Fix] Full Restore chokes when the date/time values in the backup file are not in the current date/time format.
* [Bug-Fix] Full Restore clears the currently registered donation information if the backup file does not contain any donation information (the backup has been taken before registering the donation).
* [Bug-Fix] Full Restore chokes on date/time parsing when the current locale is not the same as backup file locale.
* [New Feature] Data import from plain CSV format (MS-Excel compatible).
* [New Feature] Data import from Mileage application CSV format.
* [New Feature] Data import from CSV format.
* [New Feature] Data import from CSV format.