Aloqa is a mobile service that proactively notifies you of interesting places, events, and Facebook friends near you. Instead of having to search, you can just look at your phone and see your favorite hotspots, friends, events of interest, and recommended bargains close by. Whenever You Want. Wherever You Are.

Aloqa is based on a simple belief: It is hard to “search” on your mobile phone. When you are on the go, you shouldn’t have to constantly keep using your phone as a browser to pull information. Instead, you should just be proactively informed of things around you that you care about. Wherever you are. Without entering a keyword. Or your location. With Aloqa, you can just look at your phone and without ever touching your keyboard see what’s around you in real time:

* Your favorite coffee shop(s) closest to you.
* Fast food places you like.
* Gas stations near you.
* Friends from your social network in the vicinity.
* Parties, movies, theaters, activities around you.
* Places to take your kids.
* Wifi Hotspots.
* Potential dates or business contacts in your neighborhood (if you want to know!).