Android C64 is a Java based Commodore 64 emulator for mobile devices and PCs. If you want to see the old C64 become alive on your mobile phone or PC then try this emulator.

Release notes:

The binaries of the final releases for JME C64 1.9.6, JSwing C64 1.9.6 and Android C64 1.0.7 have been added for download. These releases are built from the code of SVN revision 717.The new version brings significant performance improvements for normal file loading and also reduces the memory requirements of the emulator a bit.Please take a look at the release notes for more information on the changes. Choose the emulator download according to the desired target platform:- JME C64 runs on Java-enabled (MIDP 2.0) mobile devices.- JSwing C64 and JAWT C64 run on PCs/Laptops supporting JDK/JRE 1.4 or higher.- Android C64 runs on Android-based mobile devices.