BioWallet is basically a “safe wallet” that can store sensitive information (passwords, certificates, documents, conversations, notes, pictures, etc.). This information can only be accessed by the user through iris or handwritten signature based authentication. The data is kept secret even if the device is lost or stolen using strong biometric encryption techniques. Advanced users can also digitally sign their documents or encrypt their communications. Even the phone itself can be protected and unlocked only if the user presents his/her eye or signature.

Iris Recognition is one of the most reliable biometric methods. This feature uses the Android camera API to accomplish hardware independence making it possible for biometric methods related to the camera (iris, face, etc.) to work properly on all compliant devices.

Although it is not as precise as iris based recognition, handwritten signature recognition is widely accepted as a method to prove your identity and it is easier to use. It is implemented using the Android touch screen API that gives complete information about the touch events (position, pressure, velocity, etc.)BioWallet can be used as an “electronic wallet” to store sensitive information. The documents can also be encrypted, decrypted, digitally signed and verified. This is possible thanks to the support of the Android platform that provides a powerful relational database (SQLite) and cryptographic capabilities.

Authors: Jose Luis Huertas Fernandez
Additional Contributors: Miguel Gonzalez Martin, Jose Eulalio Arias Garcia, Abraham Holgado Garcia, Rodrigo Sanchez Gonzalez