BudgetFrik is your portable’s budget control and management tool. In today’s crisis struck world we need a tool that can track all small and large expenses on our daily lives.
Stick to a budget! This application will store information on exactly how much you spend on what and when. Accountant in a pocket!

BudgetFrik is an aid to the control freak that tracks every spending. Control every penny, cent, öre or whatever. The convenience of having your phone at all times gives you the possibility to quickly enter and register expenses. Forget late night budget by going through endless receipts and invoices, just download the report to your PC or Mac and voila! Budget done.

If you know where your salary is going, you know which cuts or sacrifices will be the most effective. BudgetFrik produces reports on how much are you expending by date and by expense type. For those frequent travelers BudgetFrik can accept entries in any currency and produce consolidated reports in another. It updates to the latest exchange rated directly from the European Central Bank or the New York Stock Exchange.