The game combines elements of strategy, role-playing, sports, social and tactical games. The central idea behind the concept is to give people the opportunity to symbolically interfere with the everyday urban environment and come into contact with previously unknown people. By introducing a metaphorical recapture of the city‘s elements (buildings, squares, streets), a virtual reorganization of the urban space leads to a new relationship between the players and their environment. In the sacred space of the game world, the city is under their control thus giving the players a feeling of superiority. They contrast with the institutionalized and organized space and give it spontaneity and dynamics.

In order to create a unique visual experience and to create a feeling of a 3-dimensional virtual space, we chose to use the 3D capabilites of Android. A pure Maps mashup is unsuitable when it comes to creating a game world as it is heavily associated with everyday activities.

Without proper locating technologies the game is unthinkable as the whole gameplay relies on the position of objects and people which need to be shared in real-time, using Android’s GPS.

As the playing field changes continuously, everything relies on updating all players simultaneously, so Android’s always-on connectivity is vital

Author: PoroCity Media and Virtual Logic Systems
Additional Contributors: Joerg Hildenbrand, Surya Prakash, Anas A, Puja Mehra, Binil Thomas, Jitendra Kumar, Basudev Adhikary