COL Reminder allows you to choose from three different categories, to remind you on something.

The categories:

– Text Reminder
– Telephone Call Reminder
– Parking Time Reminder


* NEW Its now possible to expand the active reminders on click
(shows the full text of misc reminders or the added contact notes if exists)
* NEW Edit Button on every reminder popup to directly edit the reminder
(in telephone reminder hit snooze/edit and afterwards edit)
* NEW Add a note to your telephone reminder
(simple click on the new button after selection a contact)
* NEW Click on the parking countdown now displays a popup instead of canceling without interrogation
* UPDATE Parking countdown layout change (fonts are bigger)
* UPDATE Readded the language selection
(should now work on milestone/droid, if not please email me)
* UPDATE Style and behaviour of buttons changed
* UPDATE Translations french and italian
* Fixed repeating alarms problem (repeats endless regardless of settings)