Diggin is about playing your favorite music instantly, wherever you are and wherever you’re going. And if you don’t have any music that fits your mood, you’ll have access to thousands of streaming radio stations as well. Make the player your very own by drawing or writing on the music crates and picking your favorite color for the player interface. Check out the automatically downloaded album covers for your music. Lyrics for the playing song will always be readily available, whether it is from your own collection or even a song off the radio.

Diggin uses Android’s extensive graphics library to achieve a vivid and interesting mobile interface, where everything can be picked up, pressed or otherwise manipulated. Instant graphical response to user input is combined with smooth transitions for an immersive experience.

Android’s intent system allows Diggin to lower the music volume when the phone is ringing, and to pause it completely when the user picks up the phone or calls out. Android services ensure that the music keeps playing even when Diggin is closed.

The always on-line capability creates a unique experience, where information relevant to the current song is delivered on-the-fly. It also lets the user explore further through the web browser.

Authors: Daniel Johansson, Aramis Waernbaum, Andreas Hedin