Ecorio allows the user to accurately calculate their travel carbon footprint. Given awareness of their travel carbon footprint, the user can take action in three ways: Reduce, Inspire, and Offset. The Reduce section of the application suggests carpooling and public transit alternatives for the trips the user has taken or is planning in the future. The Inspire section lets users share tips or stories on steps they have taken to reduce their own energy consumption. The Offset section allows users to invest in carbon reduction projects and offset their carbon footprint right over the phone.

Android’s background GPS capability allows accurate always-on tracking of the user’s travel carbon footprint, and suggests carpool and transit options.

Ecorio uses Android’s Maps and Locations API to show Location Based tips on how to reduce your carbon impact.

Ecorio uses Android’s web and secure networking capability to enable purchase of carbon offsets right over the phone.

Authors: Jeff Kao, Gary Pong, Robert Lam, Taneem Talukdar
Additional Contributors: Jason Wong