Fingerpaint lets you communicate visually, allowing you to show people ideas instead of just describing them. Fingerpaint is fun, useful, and easy to use; draw with others, draw on pictures, maps, websites, or just doodle. Fingerpaint is fun, but it’s more than that too. Because it’s collaborative, it’s an aid to communication, and many things are best expressed visually. There is a reason “show, don’t tell” is oft-repeated for effective communication. A business user could sketch a graph or diagram while on the road, or a kid in a classroom could draw horns on a picture of his teacher with his friends.

Using Android’s built-in map, browser, and camera APIs, you can point out a location on a map, mark up a website, or doodle on a picture.

Fingerpaint has infinite canvas space – so the size of the screen doesn’t determine the size of your drawing. Simply slide the canvas over, or zoom in or out, to give yourself more space. This is all made possible by Android’s advanced 2D drawing APIs.

Because of Android’s built-in database, you never need to think about saving – Fingerpaint saves everything automatically, from the second you put it on screen.

Author: Rob Mickle