fMSX is an MSX home computer emulator. It will run software written for MSX, MSX2, and MSX2+ computers. Before running fMSX, make sure you place the following MSX system ROMs onto your SD card: MSX.ROM MSX2.ROM MSX2EXT.ROM DISK.ROM.


* fMSX now runs on Google TVs updated to Android 4.x (LG G2/G3).
* Now defaulting to OpenSLES native audio, for minimal latency.
* Now recycling bitmaps to prevent Bitmap.nativeCreate() crashes.
* Added optional grid view and extra icons to the File Selector.
* Added new “contour” joystick shape (see “Virtual Joystick Shape” setting).
* Added “Audio Rate” setting, for controlling sampling rate.
* Added “Native Audio” setting, for disabling OpenSLES.
* Made grid view default on Google TVs.