FPse for Android is the fastest and most compatible PSone/Playstation 1/PSX emulator for handheld devices. FPse is able to render PSone games in high resolution by using OpenGL which gives outstanding graphics!


– Increase highly the smoothness of FPse, video Jitters no more exist! In the meantime FPse became much faster!
– Added preliminary support for native PS link cable multiplayer mode over Wifi For the list of supported games click here: http://www.fpsece.net/forum2/viewtopic.php?p=41661#p41661. A 5ghz wifi connection is recommended for the best experience
– Fixed bluetooth headset stuttering
– Fixed Long path for game files (caused some crash when scanning files if too long)
– Added shortcut support for Android 7.2 and more
– Fixed Battle Assault 2 US
– Fixed Starwars rebel assault II level 4
– Fixed Freezes on Legend of Dragoons
– Fixed the random pb with Multiplayer mode! works much better now!
– Fixed the TOP 5 reported bugs and much more fixes