FreeFamilyWatch encourages and empowers individuals and families with technology-enabled information so that we can be diligent and stay vigilant about our personal and family safety. FreeFamilyWatch allows real-time notification for all within a family network and covers a wider safety net from unsafe neighborhood monitoring to weather and allergy watch for healthy being. It also allows for speed limit monitoring of reckless teenage driving and home monitoring for unattended electrical appliances and elderly care.

Using Android’s location API and map overlay, SafetyNavigator will show all the potential safety hazards ahead of your driving path so that you can mitigate safety risks by using an alternate route or simply staying vigilant.

FamilyMonitor, using Android’s powerful map imagery, reverse geo-coding, built-in phone dial and SMS API lets you know your family’s safety anytime, anywhere.

Using Android’s rich set of graphical components and secured network API, HomeMonitor helps manage your stress level when caring for loved ones by monitoring unattended electrical appliances and medicine dispensers.

Author: Navee Technologies LLC
Additional Contributors: Alan Lee, R&D and Creative Team