GENPlusDroid is an open source Sega Genesis emulator powered by GENPlus. Runs Sega Master System and Sega Mega Drive games. Supports all Android 2.0+ and 3.0+ devices. Devices with a good GPU can use shaders to increase the graphic quality. Real time rewinding of game play. Amazing multi touch input. Use a keyboard or gamepad with custom key bindings if you have one. Lots of features! This port will be inline with all the features on the PS3/Wii version.


-- Supports Android 2.0+, 2.3.X and 3.X
-- Sega Mega Drive / Genesis, Sega Master System
-- Multi Touch/Keyboard/Gamepad controller supported
-- Custom key bindings
-- Real Time rewind (see youtube for video)
-- Fast Forward
-- Auto Save, phone calls won’t ruin your game
-- Move and resize the touch input controls to your liking!
-- Load/Browse compressed archives (*.zip)
-- Custom ROM directory, RomFetcher support
-- PAL support
-- Shaders! (hq2x, super eagle, 2xSaI, etc). Requires a device with a good GPU. Download within the application. Users can add their own too if they want.
-- Tablets, many tablets are known to be working perfectly

GENPlusDroid - Sonic 1
Watch this video on YouTube.


* 6 button support
* added hit box around dpad
* refined dpad input a bit for street fighter and alike
* more minor optimizations

Running flawless on:

-- HTC Incredible S
-- Nexus S
-- Samsung Galaxy S
-- Samsung Galaxy S II
-- Samsung Captivate
-- Motorola Xoom
-- Acer Iconia A500
-- Sony Xperia Play