GolfPlay has been created as an answer to the high demand existing amongst golf lovers for reliable, accurate and free software. Its objective is to give support to all the real time necessities of a golf player during a game. GolfPlay uses GPS location and an online querying site where it is possible to access their personal game statistics as well as a social network to exchange impressions with other users about the sport that links them: golf.

The GPS allows GolfPlay to display where the player is over a Google Maps rotated image using real and 2D visualization of the course.

The Maps API with some additional information about the holes’ location are used to calculate statistics (distance, number of shots, score and hole data calculations) and display them on Google Charts, which are accessed via the web. These statistics and reports are what makes GolfPlay a useful training tool for players.

Author: Inizziativa Networks
Additional Contributors: Juan Carlos Viota Garrido, Diana Garcia Rios