gWalk supports all 3 phases of a touristic experience by helping to plan and explore a tour in advance (Dream), by providing context based support, navigation and multimedia information while executing the tour (Action) and creating an individual diary with snapshots afterward (Memory). The tours can be calculated in advance or on the fly based on the current user-situation and preferences. Additionally, the destination can be discovered freely by a strolling mode. The application can adapt a tour if the original tour plan no longer fits with the current situation (e.g. removing or inserting Points of Interest).

gwalk does a location-based information presentation and context triggered tour-adaption using Android’s location API.

gwalk uses the Maps API to show current position and the next Point of Interest on a map.

Android’s multimedia capabilities are used to display images, play audio-content and take snapshots. The Network API is used to download and pre-load the content to the mobile device.

Authors: Klaus ten Hagen, Marko Modsching, Christian Klinger, Rene Scholze