JOYity is a platform for designing and running a new kind of mobile game. Players interact with the platform itself and with other Players (either via platform or in real life). The Games use location-based services in order to make Players leave the sofa to complete Quests and meet other Players. Game Designers can design their own Games using the Android device as well.

Since JOYity Games usually make intensive use of location-based services, the platform utilizes the GPS and map features of Android. JOYity reacts to the Players’ position and movement. For example, the Game might include riddles asking for a sight close to the current position.

JOYity uses many different media for user communication. For example, the Player might watch a picture and hear an audio file and get information both ways. The Player needs to combine the information to perform the next task.

The Android device is not only used for playing, but also for designing new Games. JOYity combines the WebView with other native Android features for the Designer application.

Author: Zelfi AG