LifeAware (TM) enables you to locate your friends and family members on your phone or the LifeAware (TM) website. It also allows you to set zones for specific friends and be alerted when friends enter or leave those zones. Be notified when any of your friends are within a specified distance of your current location or other pre-determined locations. Create and share location aware GeoLists. Updates to the lists by any friend are displayed to the entire “share group” of friends.

Using Android’s location APIs, LifeAware (TM) enables you to locate your friends and family in relation to your current position, search for places near you, create location aware GeoLists, and set up proximity alerts based on your friends’ locations.

Leveraging the Maps API, location mapping and informational overlays provide the users with information about their position, surrounding areas, and the location of their friends and family members. Interactive maps provide visual creation of alert zones by tapping the map to increase or decrease the size of the zones.

Background service capabilities available with the Android platform, allow LifeAware (TM) to function even when the main application is not active on the user’s phone.

Authors: Gregory Moore, Aaron O’Brien, Jawad Akhtar