Locale allows you to create Situations, which specify Conditions under which your Settings should change. For example, your At Work situation might notice when your location condition is 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, and triggers your ringer volume setting to vibrate. Locale is an innovative way to simplify your life.

Locale allows users to manage and create locations using an intuitive interface based on the Maps API. Locations can be moved and re-sized using a touch-based drag and drop interface. Locations may be used to specify conditions and may also be reused by other applications.

Users specify locations, times, and other conditions to trigger on. Location conditions utilize Android’s location API for high precision GPS positioning. Conditions may also communicate with other parts of Android via Intents and ContentProviders for a highly integrated system.

Users also specify which settings to change once conditions are met. Utilizing the open nature of Android, Locale is able to control all the standard settings available. Further, Locale is highly extensible by supporting third party settings plug-ins.

Authors: Carter Jernigan, Clare Bayley, Jasper Lin, Christina Wright
Additional Contributors: Jennifer Shu