About LooLoo
LooLoo represents modern, location-based service designed to support and utilize all of the advantages and cool new features of Google Android platform. It has strong integration with Google maps and delivers a fantastic mobile experience.
All that you have to do is to create an account by choosing your personal preferences and then you can enter the fabulous world of LooLoo. Locate people with same passions, hobbies, same fears and dreams, same favorite TV shows or ice cream flavors. Exchange information, meet your soul-mate, fall in love. Find restaurants with your favorite meal or night clubs that suit your music taste, find which monuments and sites are must-see locations. Write reviews of places, rank them, promote your favorite ones. It is all here and on the palm of your hand, whole new chapter in the world of mobile applications. LooLoo is designed to be all that and much more…

Current State
As you have probably realized by now, LooLoo service has huge potential and possibilities of its further development are only limited by one’s imagination. At the moment, the 0.2 version of LooLoo is being released and it shows only a glimpse of its power. For current version and testing purposes we have hardcoded a bunch of users and places around Mountain View, California. So far, the following features have been developed:

Place info
You can access additional information about a certain place point by bringing it into focus and selecting point info from phone’s menu. At this moment, you can read name of the place, description, and initial rank.