Using Marvin is like exploring the world of user-generated content with finger gestures on the move, without touching a desktop computer. Publish whatever you want in specific services to serve your daily life. With Marvin users can help each other by publishing useful information to specific places, provide their own input, and rate existing messages. Marvin is also a point-to-point content delivery system to publish pictures and textual messages attached to locations to your spouse, kids and friends from your mobile device to their mobile device. Publish dynamic messages that are able to follow you when you engage the Location Cruise Control mode.

Marvin combines Android OpenGL API, Google Maps rendered in 3D, Google StreetView and standard UI overlays to offer a unique 3D geo-browsing capability on a mobile device. 3D guided navigation and message integration is done from space to street level.

Using the always on networking aspect of Android, Marvin allows users to publish and browse user-generated content by location, services, and keywords. The audience is the world, your connected peer group, or a subset of your group.

Using Android’s Location API, browse public, private or peer feeds near you or anywhere on the map. Make messages follow you physically when you move. Enable, disable or delete what you published, wherever you are.

Author: Laurent Pontier