Maverick empowers users to instantly exchange text, location and multimedia content in the form of audio clips, photos and scribbles (drawings created on the mobile phone) with other Maverick clients and with desktop applications such as Google Talk or iChat. Maverick also employs a one-to-many way of communicating by enabling users to publish multimedia content to Google Blogger blogs. Posting multimedia content, the user’s location or just text is just as easy as sending an IM to a contact. Maverick enables users to receive notifications when new mail is received in their Gmail account. Gmail notifications emulate push e-mail functionality.

The Android Platform enables access to multimedia features of the phone. Maverick uses the audio recording and playback capabilities of the Android Platform to enable users to exchange audio clips in an instant fashion.

The touch screen support of Android opened the door for the creation of scribbles which are drawings that the user can create and share with their contacts. Scribbles can be created from scratch or by starting with an existing photo or another scribble.

Exchanging location information with contacts is possible due to the built-in geo location functionality in Android. The user can send its location to other contacts or post it to a blog.

Author: Virgil Dobjanschi