mobeedo is a “mobile oracle” which displays exactly and only the information available on the mobeedo platform relevant to the users’ current situation. The platform can be accessed by anyone for providing any kind of situation-specific information or services to be consumed via smart phones. Additionally a map in the background indicates the users’ current location. Optionally one’s track as well as “classical” POIs can be overlayed. When brought to the foreground, the map can not only be used to navigate, but the information relevant to that location can be provided.

Using Android’s location API to continuously retrieve location and speed empowers mobeedo (also taking into account other parameters) to deliver exactly the information you need in any situation.

Android’s Maps API is used to display your current location, the path you traveled, as well as points of interest near you in order to get a better overview of your surroundings.

Android’s Service architecture in combination with the Notification Manager are used to inform you about important events, even when the mobeedo application is not currently running.

Author: Sengaro GmbH
Additional Contributors: Christian Vogt, Robert Walter, Florian Köllich,Tim Hannemann, Katja Neubarth, Clemens Kilga